Comparing Door County Apple Orchards
Apples to Apples: Comparing the Best Door County Orchards
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    Posted: August 9, 2017

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There’s nothing quite like taking a deep breath of fresh air on a crisp autumn morning at a Door County orchard. The effect is truly refreshing – and so is the product of many healthy apple orchards this time of year. But with such an abundance of orchards throughout the peninsula, how do you go about comparing them to learn which is the best?

At Bay Shore Inn, we’ve developed a set of criteria to help our guests compare and contrast the nearby apple orchards. The truth is, all of the orchards are worthy of a visit, but certain factors such as distance from your lodging, length of picking season, types of apples grown, and orchard history may influence your decision.

One thing is for sure – apple picking is a fun and relaxing activity that is even more enjoyable in Door County! Pick your favorite Door County orchard from our list below:


Door County Apple Picking at Wood Orchard

Wood Orchard & Market

A local staple since its humble beginnings in 1955, Wood Orchard is still a family-owned operation of 10,000 trees. But they sell more than just the fruits of their labor at this Door County orchard. Unique home décor and specialty gifts are also available for purchase at their market location in Egg Harbor…not to mention delicious cherry and apple cider donuts!

  • Types of Apples: Gala, McIntosh, Cortland, Honeycrisp, SweeTango® (a specialty hybrid of Honeycrisp and Zestar)
  • Picking Season: Early September through Mid-October (Call 920-868-2334)
  • Distance from Bay Shore Inn: Approximately 4 minutes to orchard, 25 minutes to market


Door County Apple Picking at Choice Orchards

Choice Orchards Farm Market

Boasting over 20 varieties of apples and 200-acres of trees, Choice Orchards has been in operation since 1984. Their land once held the largest cherry producer in the world, which housed its own post office just to keep up with shipping demands. The modern location is still something to write home about, as it’s a great place to indulge in seasonal favorites like cider, varieties of jams and jellies, caramel apples, and cookbooks full of scrumptious fall recipes.

  • Types of Apples: 20 varieties are offered, including common Gala, McIntosh, Fuji, Red Delicious and the lesser known Ginger Gold, Summer Rambo, Spartan, Snowsweet, and Empire…among others.
  • Picking Season: Mid-September through Mid-October for Gala, McIntosh, Macoun, and Snowsweet varieties (Call 920-743-8980)
  • Distance from Bay Shore Inn: Approximately a 4-minute drive


Door County Apple Picking at Cherry Lane Orchards

Cherry Lane Orchards

By the name you may not automatically think apples, but this local gem possesses 13-acres of well-groomed cherry and apple trees. Cherry Lane Orchards is focused on offering a memorable pick-your-own experience by providing a clean, relaxed atmosphere and friendly service.

  • Types of Apples: McIntosh, Honeycrisp, Cortland
  • Picking Season: Late September through Mid-October for McIntosh and Cortland varieties, Available on weekends and by appointment (Call 920-856-6864)
  • Distance from Bay Shore Inn: Approximately 25 minutes, South off of Hwy 42


Door County Apple Picking at Sorens Valhalla Orchards

Sorens Valhalla Orchards

This one-of-a-kind apple picking spot is the last, but certainly not least on our list. With a passion for sustainable agriculture and preserving Door County’s fruit growing legacy, Sorens Valhalla Orchards produces some of the finest apples on the peninsula. Their misson: to grow nutritious food for you and your family.

  • Types of Apples: Honeycrisp, Ginger Gold, Cortland, McIntosh, Gala, Zestar, Snowsweet, Blondee, Jonagolds
  • Picking Season: Mid to Late September through Mid-October (Call 920-746-1102)
  • Distance from Bay Shore Inn: Approximately 20 minutes, South off of County Rd S 


Apple Picking in Door County

Bay Shore Inn: Your Door County Apple Picking Headquarters

Before you head out to pluck a whole bushel of delicious Door County apples, make sure to book a quiet, comfortable stay at Bay Shore Inn. We offer luxury suites in a convenient, central location on the peninsula – perfect for a few refreshing days of apple picking!

Click here to view our rates and availability, and take the first step toward the perfect fall getaway.


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