The Bay Shore Inn property was originally the Hanson farmstead. Door County at that time was known for its dairy farms, cherry orchards, ship building and stone quarries. In the “1920’s” the Hanson family decided to pursue a different line of work and join the growing recreation resort enterprise with their 600 feet of bay shore frontage. Matilda Hanson was known as the best cook in the County who never turned down a traveler who showed up at mealtime.

The barn was converted into a guest lodge, which opened for business in 1922. Over the years, as the business succeeded and grew, additional housing units began to dot the property. Eventually Paul Mathias was named General Manager, Head Chef, Baker, and part owner of the inn. Paul’s wife Susie, handled the front-end operations. In 1985 Duke Hanson passed and the owners decided it was time to recreate the business in line with the trends in the resort industry. In 1991 the new Bay Shore Inn with the present condominium buildings began a new tradition.