Celebrate Bay Shore Inn’s 100-Year Anniversary With Us

What does celebrating the 100-year anniversary of Bay Shore Inn mean to us? It means that for the last century, you and your family (sometimes several generations) have chosen to spend your family gathering, summer days, and long weekends with us. And we couldn’t be happier to share those memories with you.

June 11, 2022, is our official 100-year anniversary, but we’re going to be sharing memories and celebrating all year. And we’re starting with some memories and photos you shared with us recently. Your Memories From Bay Shore Inn

on the Lake at Bayshore Inn

“My husband and I discovered Bay Shore Inn 13 years ago. We’ve brought our kids and grandkids every summer since. Bayshore, Sturgeon Bay and Door County are our happy places!! Even though some of the kids are young adults now they still look forward to our time there. The people are wonderful, and the fact that we have everything we need right there is awesome!!” – Deb C.

“When our daughter Margaret got married, of course she had to spend her honeymoon at the Bay Shore Inn, along with 22 members of the family including her new in-laws from England. One year later, our daughter Ann got married and went on her honeymoon at BSI with 21 family members. Two wonderful, lovely “familymoons.” This all started 30 years ago with four family members. We’ve been to BSI every year since. We view BSI as our summer home. We have grandchildren who may have their familymoons there someday.” – Sherry M.

Pauline R. also chimed about the Manning family familymoons – “As one of the new in-laws I can vouch for what a lovely family tradition it is and I how much I also enjoyed joining you 3 years later along with Henry, the youngest grandchild. Look forward to coming again before too long.”

kids enjoy Bay Shore Inn sunset

“My parents first brought me to Bay Shore Inn back when I was in high school and I fell in love with Wisconsin. Now 20 years later I have started to bring my kids to Bay Shore Inn.” – Josh G.

Bay Shore Inn sunset

“We came to Door County for the first time in 2016 after losing our 22-year-old son in a car accident in 2015. I couldn’t face going anywhere we’d gone with him, so it was off to somewhere new. We didn’t stay at Bay Shore Inn that first year, but we fell in love with Door County. The next year we stayed at Bay Shore Inn and haven’t looked back! We recommend it to everyone and have friends who have now stayed there twice. It’s my happy place. My favorite things are that we never have to worry about it not being clean, there’s not a lot of noise, and we love sitting on the deck. The sunsets are the best part.” – Linda W.

Bay Shore Inn

“My wife and I visited in September 2014 from London, England. We toured all around Door County and also took in a Packer game. Wonderful memories of a little piece of paradise.” – Graham R.

“My husband and I love Bay Shore Inn! We came for our honeymoon and have been in love since! The rooms facing the water and just being by the water makes me so happy!” – Danielle B.

Bay Shore Inn sunset

“My mom, sister and I have visited in June for a few years. We are planning a trip in October and are so excited to see the area in the fall. We LOVE staying at Bay Shore Inn!!” – Andrea L.

winter at Bay Shore Inn

“My favorite time of year at the Bay Shore Inn is winter. I love the view across the water/ice and the peacefulness of the scene. Looking forward to my next winter stay.” – Jane H.

“We began girls trips with my mom and sister in 1993 during the Christmas season. We would visit different cities each year. But once we came to Door County in 1996 and stayed at Bay Shore Inn, we never went anywhere else! And we added another trip in the summer! We now come with my sister and my daughter and my 2 granddaughters!” – Tabra G.

Bay Shore Inn winter

“Love the luxurious accommodations and beautiful views – even on a quiet, below zero windchill day!” – Donna B.

“Love going to Bay Shore Inn with my mom and sister. Love the beautiful flowers and sunsets. Always such a peaceful and relaxing vacation.” – Julia G.

Join us over the next year to help us celebrate Bay Shore Inn’s 100-year anniversary and to start (or continue) making memories at Bay Shore Inn!