Bay Shore Inn - My Place in the Woods
Bay Shore Inn: “My Place in the Woods”
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    Posted: March 6, 2018

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Welcome home. This phrase has been at the center of our culture at Bay Shore Inn since we first opened our doors as a guest lodge in 1922. We believe it’s for this very reason that we’ve met so many wonderful people and have so many guests who return year after year.

When you’ve been around as long as we have, you become a part of the landscape, part of Sturgeon Bay, itself. Bay Shore Inn is much more than just a comfortable place to rest your head – it’s a tradition that gets passed down from generation to generation.

To paint this incredible picture, for which we are so grateful, we wanted to share an essay written by a high school student named Taylor Gold. It’s easy to get lost in the vivid descriptions provided by Gold in his essay, “My Place in the Woods.”

"My Place in the Woods"

“My Place in the Woods” by Taylor Gold

A place that has had a lasting impact on me growing up – and even still – is Bay Shore Inn in Door County, Wisconsin.

Door County is the home of my Dad’s parents, my Oma and Opa. This place has stuck with me for so many years, and it’s a big reason why I have gone to Door County at least once a year for the past 18 years of my life. I consider it my second home.

My family owns a condo on Sturgeon Bay, which is located on the “thumb” of Wisconsin – that is, the Door Peninsula. There is just an overwhelming feeling of excitement and peace every time we pull up to Bay Shore Inn.

As I’m traveling down the winding forest roads, I catch my first glimpse of the pearl, white fence that signals the entrance of Bay Shore Inn. I am home again.

The feeling I cannot describe in mere words. Excitement, peace, anticipation of the unknown, all sorts of wondrous emotions bunch up inside of me.

Seeing my grandparents always helps make the trip even better. Full of fun stories, great conversations, and good food, Door County is our place – our home away from home. The funny thing is, we seem to always take the best parts of “home” with us.

Relax on our Door County beachWe are free of responsibility and worry, yet still grounded. We can converse for hours around a campfire at the water’s edge about nothing at all or how to solve the world’s problems.

It seems like people, my family in particular, come here to just be and interact with each other…in ways I never thought possible.

When I breathe, I can feel this place in my lungs, fresh and bountiful. I can live in the moment, and just be here, instead of wandering around in my mind.

I’m not subject to worry or stress, and if I was, all I would have to do is look outside and watch the show Mother Nature is putting on for me. 

At night, these feelings are amplified. The sky is never so clear back home. The stars seem to fall out of the sky and dance each night.

If it’s cloudy, I have the bay, crashing and melting over the sand. The water blesses me daily with its dance.

Describing the majesty and profound beauty I see in this place is insufficient rambling compared to experiencing it for oneself.

This place that is my second home calls to me frequently, and I miss it dearly when we can’t make the trip in a while. 

Some might go crazy wanting to travel elsewhere, instead of going to the same place every year. Yet, I think of it as a privilege. After all these years, I still want to come back again, again, and again.

Start Your Own Family Tradition

Start a Family Tradition at Bay Shore Inn

If you’ve never experienced a place where you can feel completely at ease, we urge you to book a relaxing stay with us at Bay Shore Inn. Our peaceful water views, comfortable suites, and welcoming atmosphere will help you feel right at home – but without the stresses of everyday life.

The beauty of a Sturgeon Bay sunset – and Door County as a whole – is truly a sight to behold.